Biden’s Negotiations on U.S Debt Ceiling: Be Nervous

• House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy has expressed concern over President Joe Biden’s failure to negotiate the US debt limit.
• Many analysts, including Bloomberg commodity strategist Mike McGlone, fear a financial crisis if an agreement is not reached in time.
• President Biden and Speaker McCarthy have appointed teams to hammer out a deal before the June 1st deadline.

U.S Debt Ceiling Negotiations

House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy has raised alarm bells over President Joe Biden’s handling of negotiations for raising the U.S debt ceiling, warning that people should be “nervous” as the June 1st deadline looms closer with no apparent progress. Analysts like Bloomberg commodity strategist Mike McGlone have predicted dire consequences if no agreement is reached by then, with risk assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) likely to suffer disproportionately from any resulting financial crisis.

McCarthy Criticizes Biden

McCarthy has been critical of President Biden for not engaging in early negotiations on this issue, and said he had repeatedly urged him to do so on various media outlets. He added that the Republicans had passed their bill in April – long before Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen informed them of the June 1st deadline – and that “I never wanted to be working towards a deadline.” However, he now believes that there is a framework in place for productive negotiations between both sides and expressed confidence that at least a debt default can be avoided despite the tight timeline.

Biden Addresses The Nation

President Biden addressed the nation this morning stating his belief that an agreement was imminent, claiming he and McCarthy had appointed senior members from their respective teams to work out a deal. He proudly noted how his administration had reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion in its first two years while proposing budgets which would reduce it by another $3 trillion over ten years via increased taxation on wealthy individuals and corporations along with cutting subsidies for Big Oil and Big Pharma companies among other measures.


The clock is ticking as we await news of any progress being made in resolving this issue before it reaches its fateful conclusion on June 1st; one which would have far-reaching consequences for global markets including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). It remains to be seen whether any meaningful resolution will be achieved or if we are faced with yet another economic crisis due to political inaction or mishandling from Washington D.C..