Bitcoin Fundamentals ‘Crazy Strong’: Price Lags Behind Bullish Signals

• Bitcoin’s (BTC) fundamentals are “crazy strong” according to a popular crypto analyst.
• The anonymous host of InvestAnswers notes that long-term holder supply is going up and the supply last active over one year-plus is also increasing.
• BTC is currently trading at $26,436, down more than 2.6% in the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin Fundamentals ‘Crazy Strong’

Popular crypto analyst believes that Bitcoin’s (BTC) price hasn’t yet caught up with its “out-of-control” fundamentals according to a new YouTube video from InvestAnswers. The host of InvestAnswers pointed out that large amounts of Bitcoin outflowing from exchanges can indicate a bullish period as deep-pocketed investors accumulate the top digital asset. He also noted that long-term holder supply is going up, with approximately 14.5 million Bitcoin sitting in this category, while addresses with a balance greater than one bitcoin has surpassed 1 million.

Current Price Action

At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $26,436 and has dropped more than 2.6% in the past 24 hours. This suggests that the current price action does not reflect what’s happening behind the scenes regarding Bitcoin’s fundamentals – which remain “crazy strong” according to InvestAnswers’ host.

Long Term Holder Supply Increasing

The host also highlighted that long term holder supply is increasing; 14.5 million BTC are now held for longer periods which could lead to further appreciation in price as they become increasingly harder to acquire since they cannot be sold on an exchange without first being bought by other investors or miners who find them through mining efforts – making it an increasingly scarce asset over time .

Addresses With Balance Greater Than One Bitcoin Surpasses 1 Million

In addition, he mentioned that there are now more than 1 million addresses with balances greater than one bitcoin – although many people have multiple wallets and so this figure may not accurately represent how many whole coiners there are in total (which will never exceed 330k).

It appears clear from these facts and figures shared by InvestAnswer’s host that Bitcoin’s fundamental metrics are all looking very positive and yet its price still has yet to catch up – suggesting potential upside should these numbers start reflecting in the market value of BTC in future!